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We proudly grow and ship grapefruits that are picked at the optimal maturity stage to guarantee our costumers to experience a wonderful flavor when they are ripe. We pack only the best red and pink grapefruit from Michoacan Valley.


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Rio Red

The tree grows vigorously to a large size. Plantings of Rio Red grapefruit have performed quite well in Michoacan region, where it receives the high heat necessary to produce high-quality fruit. The fruit is large, with a slightly pebbled surface.  The rind frequently has a pink blush, especially where two fruits grow against each other.  The flesh is juicy and well-pigmented, with the darkest color next to the segment membranes.  Rio Red is mid to late-season in maturity.

Ruby Red

Ruby red grapefruit is higher in some nutrients than white grapefruit, making it the better choice for grapefruit lovers. This isn’t just a nutritious fruit, however, it could also help you in your weight-loss efforts

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